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How to use NutriBot

Type the question about your health and nutritional issue, then NutriBot will evaluate and using AI capabilities to analyze , then provide the answer.

NutriBot can also use below 8 languages for communication besides English – Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian & Portuguese.

Health/Skincare Advice

you can talk to our AI chatbot- NutriBot, any time, anywhere, all year round, as long as you can access your cell phone, laptop, computer.

Example of questions:


  • General health tips and advice
  • Nutrition and dietary guidelines
  • Exercise and fitness routines.
  • Preventive healthcare measures. 


  • Skincare routines and regimens.
  • Product reviews and recommendations.
  • Ingredients and their benefits.
  • Common skin concerns and solutions.

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DNA Analysis

You can copy & paste your Raw DNA Data in Text. File format. Then paste into the chatroom and send to NutriBot for analysis. Our NutriBot will utilize a combination of advanced algorithms and genetic databases to provide tailored recommendations based on genetic information. Then provide further advice to tackle your problem. You can ask our NutriBot any query concern your DNA & health related issue. (During input your DNA data, you can also chat with NutriBot to see which portion need to be input).

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Chinese Medical Consultation ("TCM")

-our NutriBot blend the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern nutritional science, our NutriBot can offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to support individuals in achieving their health/ wellness goals. 

Example of questions: 

  • How does TCM benefit the skin.
  • Is TCM suitable for all skin types.
  • What are the key aspects of TCM for anti-aging
  • How does TCM support sleep quality.
  • What are the common herbs used in TCM and what are their properties and functions
  • Recommendation TCM recipes for illness. for example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. 

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