Nutrigenomic Chatbot


Why NutriBot?

Our NutriBot will serve as a source of 2nd opinion other than human medical professional. Our NutriBOt utilize AI capability to analyze your problem from a different angle. Then perform analysis with AI tech, to provide you with personalize health advice.

Our Team

Our team comprises personnel from technological backgrounds with extensive business development experience. Thus, can fully utilize forefront technology to meet customer & market demand. Also, we team up with different partners in various technological areas. Thus our team has a complete coverage to tackle the technological challenge for operation. Also, we utilize a full AI operational scheme, our staffing consists of a set of high-power AI Chatbots to cover different positions in our team, such as Chief Counsel, CTO, and Chief Scientific Officer, such post is performed by a high-power specialized AI Chatbot. Thus, we have high efficiency in dealing with our operational demand and we can solve the problem in this fast-paced environment from an AI perspective. 

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